Would you just LOOK at this new website? I mean, LOOK at it with your eyes wide open or you’re going to miss some small detail of awesomeness!

This site is everything I could have asked for in life short of bionic implants and a view of Lake Como!

Are you wondering about the artwork above? I thought so. It was created by the lovely and talented Kate Jarvik Birch.

I told her a little about my debut, TABULA RASA, and the images relate to that story, but also to my experiences as a writer. I think I yammered at her, “Could you do something something with the something something and, I don’t know, make it look nice?” Somehow she managed to turn that blather into one amazing image. We’re always trying to find a way to make our stories take flight. It requires a lot of tinkering. I think she captured what I was going for perfectly.

The very talented team of Mike Chen and Sierra Godfrey at Atmosphere Websites made this site for me. I am grateful for them and it.

I’ll be making a permanent move from my old blog to this one in a couple weeks. Right now I’m still shifting boxes and unpacking everything. Can’t seem to find my cheese grater, but oh, well! It’ll turn up eventually.

Come back once I get all the throw pillows in place. If I can find my missing cheese grater I’ll make you some of that spinach dip you like so much.

OK, fine, the hot wings, too.

But PLEASE be careful. Everything is brand new, and I don’t want people spilling drinks everywhere.

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