2014, you foxy thing.

Truly I have never seen a year with tighter glutes and better defined abs, and those sideburns you’re rocking are perfection!

I should begin by saying that whenever this blog goes, er, a little limp it’s because I’m writing my face off and just can’t get to doing posts. That’s been the case for the past several months, and for this I will make no apologies. I know y’all get it.

But I had to come out of my writing cave to say that … I have some news!

Yes, I’ve beheld (beholded?) the cover for Tabula Rasa and you shall see it soon. Possibly in a matter of weeks. I need to get clearance from my overlords before I can do a cover reveal.

Also, Tabula Rasa is now up on Amazon, available for pre-order. Though there is zero information about it, just literally the name, it was still kind of thrilling to see. I didn’t even know it was there until another author mentioned hers was up. I thought, hmmm, maybe I’ll go check and see if my book is up, since we’re both Fall 2014 releases. And so I started to type in my name, and the Great and Powerful Amazon auto-filled my name. It was pretty cool.

If you’d like to pre-order, here’s the link: ORDER TABULA RASA NOW.

(Certainly you can order elsewhere, but this was the first place it was listed. Also, I’ll be doing a pre-order contest sometime soon, but even if you order before then, you can still enter to win schwaggy stuff. All you have to do is comment below, “I trampled dozens of kittens as I rushed to the ‘Buy with 1-click’ button!” and I will put your name into the hopper. I’m very trusting that way.)

One of the big things I need to figure out this year is how to promote my book in a way that doesn’t turn me into the human equivalent of one of these things:


I suppose I’ll just use my usual approach: wing it and pretend I know what I’m doing. Hippo-Eating-a-Watermelon

As for New Year’s resolutions, I have but one.

I need to eat more slowly.

Seriously. All these years of being home with little kids has ruined me. Half the time I eat standing up or while I’m doing something else like brushing my teeth. I just unhinge my jaw and take my food in like it’s gonna run away if I don’t get it down my gullet quick. I really need to re-establish some table manners.

Glad to see you all again. How’s the writing been going for you?

4 comments to AND SO IT BEGINS: 2014

  • Very happy to see you again, no explanation needed.

    I’m eager to see your glorious cover when you get the ok to reveal it. Know that you have sisterly feelings from me on this self-promotion thing. But I know you can do it with grace, if anyone can. I never quite figured out how to say “buy my book” and “read my book” and “like my book” and “give a nice review for my book” without having the words MY BOOK begin to sound like chalk on the blackboard.

  • It is ridiculously exciting to see your book appear on Amazon. Congratulations!

    *Dianne throws confetti*

    Looking forward to your cover reveal — and please, I’d love to do an interview with you on my blog closer to your release!

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