Cover Reveal for TABULA RASA!

In case you missed it yesterday over at the Mundie Moms blog — though probably you didn’t because I was blanketing the internet tubes with my fine self all day. Even my own mother was good and sick of me by nightfall, I’m sure….


For those of you non-Twittarians, I can finally share the cover art for TABULA RASA. Get your scroll fingers ready. It’s quite EYE-catching.

















Yes, commence with the eye-related puns as ye must. I don’t mind one bit. It’s certainly what eye would do. I’m told ARCs — actual honest-to-goodness ARCs — will be ready in about two weeks. WHOA.

Hey, do you feel that?

Yeah, me too. Feels like an ARC giveaway contest coming on. Stay tuned!



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