The World of TABULA RASA

Chalk this post up to, “Kristen has been trapped in her house for days because of the snow” if you must…


I thought I’d show y’all some of what I imagined as I was writing TABULA RASA.

Sarah, my main character, is undergoing a cutting-edge procedure to remove her memories and render her a tabula rasa — a blank slate.  (Note to self: do not ever ever ever again blithely search for “brain surgery” pictures on the internet. NOT EVER.)

Here are a few (non-graphic) images to get you oriented to Sarah’s world as the story opens.

I imagined the hospital where she’s being treated as looking ultra modern. Something like this house:

hospital image


The hospital itself is situated in a remote place like this:



 Although it’s winter and a blizzard hits, so things look more like this outside:

Snow Blizzard


Then Sarah hears a couple of these overhead:



And then guys who look like this show up:

elite soldier

So there it is! I hope that whets your appetite a bit. I did promise another ARC-giveaway contest soon, and it’s coming, I swears. Fun and book-related swag are just around the blog corner. I have a cool idea for a particular giveaway item, but I need to make sure it’ll work out. I promise you it’s not a voucher for free memory-eradication surgery.

Oh, and here’s a bit of late-breaking news: I just found out that TABULA RASA has sold at auction in Poland! I’m completely chuffed about it, and I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around my book being translated to another language. Pierogies for everybody!


3 comments to The World of TABULA RASA

  • Nancy Mother-in-Law

    Wow – so great about Poland. Loved the book – had to put it down sometimes
    to catch my breath and try to imagine in mind routes etc. Wow, wow – what an imagination!!

  • Edward, beloved Father in Law

    Great news about a great book, sold in Poland, wow. I am currently working on the casting for the movie–Meryl Streep for Hodges; I thought Natalie Portman for Sarah, but she might be getting a bit long in the tooth–there is also that girl who used to hang out with Justin Bieber; forget her name but she has Latin look and would fit as Sarah Ramos. Still working on the Hacker Hero, his Father and the other characters.

  • Oh, my- you have a trailer right there.

    There were things I have seen or heard that I wish I could wipe from my memory. Now I want to know how Sarah did it…

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