The 2014 YA Scavenger Hunt is coming!


I’m pleased to be participating in the 2014 YA Scavenger Hunt!

Have you heard of this? Have you done it before? Even if you have, last time you participated the hunt didn’t include MEEEEEEE. So you must come back tomorrow. You can win a bunch of cool books and a life-size stuffed T-Rex or something.

The Scavenger Hunt is organized by Colleen Houck. Yes, that Colleen Houck of The Tiger’s Curse fame.

As part of the hunt, I’ll be giving away an ARC of TABULA RASA, but I’ll be doing a separate ARC giveaway on my blog, which means you have TWO chances to win.


It starts tomorrow, April 3, at NOON PST (3 p.m. EST) and runs through Sunday, April 6!

Don’t worry. All will be clear! The instructions are simple to follow. Please come back tomorrow!


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