Dun Dun Dun Dun … DONE!

I am done with TABULA RASA!





I mailed off my final edits yesterday, and, yes, I do mean mail. Not email. It was the first time in this process of turning my manuscript into a book that I actually wrote things on paper. All my tweaks and corrections were done in pencil in the margins of my first-pass pages. It was rather quaint.


And do you know what I did?


I used my last remaining ARC to mark up my changes before transferring them to the hard copy. I felt a little weird about writing on my ARC, but then I reminded myself, “Dag nabbit! It’s MY book, and I can write on it if I want to!”

(Yes, I get a little Yosemite Sammish at times.)

And now, for the first time in a very long time, I’m going to take a little break and write … NOTHING. I need to let all the crenelations in my grey matter fill up with pixie dust again. The last few months, the Muse has kicked my butt hard, but I managed to get through it.

Actually, I should shut up before the Muse hears me talking trash and decides to kick my butt even harder in the future. Ivan, if you’re listening, just know that I’m NOT baiting you to. No need to make things more difficult for me just to prove a point.

Hope you are all well, productive, and untroubled by seasonal allergies. All that good stuff.

What are you working on these day, if I may ask?

5 comments to Dun Dun Dun Dun … DONE!

  • I, too, spent a week writing nothing after a final revision. Some head-washing is a good thing, and don’t forget your hair while at it…
    Glad your milestone brought you peeking here.

    • KLM

      “Head-washing” I like that a lot!

      Yeah. It’s been a long time since I had a few weeks to lie fallow. I keep thinking that any day now, I’m going to kick my promotion machine into high gear but then … I do nothing. I do a couple interviews and I’m already sick of myself.

  • Congratulations! Isn’t it totally amazing awesome-sauce to send off your galleys and know the next step is a real, final BOOK!!!! (ARCs are cool, but not the real thing.)

    I was also surprised that first pass pages/galleys are still on actual paper. But it is awfully neat to see them laid out!

    You deserve a big bowl of ice cream, your preferred beverage, and some bad TV!

  • KLM

    Gosh. Bad TV sounds fantastic. Or maybe I’ll catch up on some of my movie-watching. I never got around to seeing Dallas Buyers Club or American Hustle. Or I’ll just re-watch all the Sherlock eps.

  • Congratulations! I started a novel but have hardly touched it. I have no time. Ugh. I need to rethink my schedule.

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