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Here’s a thought that runs through my head pretty much on an hourly basis: What am I supposed to be doing right now?

Sometimes the answer is, “You came upstairs to find the mate for a sneaker because somehow your three-year-old routinely manages to remove his footwear on two different levels of your home.”

Generally, though, the answer is simply, “MORE THAN YOU ARE!”


But enough of my self-blog-flogging for failing to post more often. I have a couple things to share! And without further ado, I shall share them!


Thing 1:

There will be an audio book version of TABULA RASA, available from Brilliance Audio, and I just found out it’s going to be narrated by Kate Rudd. You might recognize her voice if you’ve bought other audio books. She’s the narrator for a quaint little tale called—not sure if you’ve heard of this one—The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

So that’s pretty cool!TabulaRasa_jan14


Thing 2:

I have jacket blurbs, and they are all kinds of awesome!

“A fascinating thriller that really wrings you out. Tabula Rasa is tense, intense, and future tense, all in one.” — Michael Grant, New York Times bestselling author of the GONE series

“Snap-the-whip suspense and sparks of humor kept me turning pages like a maniac.” — Blythe Woolston, winner of the William C. Morris Award for THE FREAK OBSERVER and author of CATCH & RELEASE and BLACK HELICOPTERS


 Bonus Thing!

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter because I’m going to play favorites with my newsletter subscribers when release day is finally nigh. There’ll be giveaways and contests only for you, my very special Precioussses! Click here and fill in your email addy at the bottom of the page! And remember, I’m way too lazy to pepper you with emails so have no fear about that, dear friends.

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