Hordes of YA Authors Roaming Local Bookstores at Night!

I know some authors find doing public events intimidating or even overwhelming. Let’s face it, when you spend so much time alone writing, with only your stapler for a companion, you get a little rusty with ye olde social skills.

Fortunately, I am both an extrovert and a goofball, so I luurrrve doing events like the one I did last night at One More Page bookstore!

Here’s a couple shots from last night’s YA panel discussion on “Strong Heroines in YA Lit.” I think that’s what we were talking about. Admittedly, the conversation veered wildly, and I think at one point I blathered something about Benedict Cumberbatch. Hey, these things happen.



Left to right: Joy Hensley, author of RITES OF PASSAGE; yours truly, KLM;

Sara Raasch, author of SNOW LIKE ASHES; and Cristin Terrill, author of ALL OUR YESTERDAYS


Another shot of our intrepid panel with two young ladies in attendance, who were adorable and so smart


Incidentally, you can order autographed copies of TABULA RASA through the One More Page website. You can even tell them what inspirational message you want me to write inside. (Wait. Hold on there. I’ve got a few exceptions. I will in no way do any inscription that features the phrase “wind beneath my wings” or “I have always loved you from afar”; also I strictly ban the use of the word “throbbing” for inscription purposes.)

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