Happy Bookish News!


Let’s just pretend that I haven’t ignored my blog for the last four months and carry on, shall we?

I have an announcement!

And, OK, it actually does have something to do with my long absence from the blogging airwaves (which we just agreed not to discuss).

Long story short, my publisher went out of business suddenly in January—on the very day I handed in the sequel to my debut, TABULA RASA, as a matter of fact.

Many of my author-friends are already aware of this drama. They have been a source of support and encouragement these past few months, offering me helpful suggestions like, “Have you tried that new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, I think it’s called Beard Chunks or something like that?” icecream

They also collectively and metaphorically held my hand while I stared off into the middle distance and said things like, “I am not legit, and I wish to quit.”

Yeah, it was a huge, depressing drag.

My book lost its home, and my remarkably lovely editor lost her job on that dark, dark January day.

And if the story ended there, this post wouldn’t make for very good reading, but I’m happy to say that in late-February, TABULA RASA did find a new publisher in Lerner Publishing Group.

And I’m happier still to announce that INCOGNITA, the sequel to TABULA RASA, as well as A THIRD BOOK will be coming out from Carolrhoda Lab in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Yes, I will be trilogying, and this is a good thing because, you guys, I need to put my diabolical powers to good and legal use.

More info when I have it and once again, I promise not to disappear for months at a time.*



*should be taken with a large grain of salt/proclamation void if I’m on the lam or whatever.

11 comments to Happy Bookish News!

  • This, and your delightful return to your blog, make for a serious waltz and joyful swirling. I was not referring to the fudge in the ice cream there, but that was good also.

    Seriously good, Kristen.

    • KLM

      Aw, thanks, Mirka. About a dozen times I thought about posting something about this situation but then I thought, no, I’ll wait until I have good news and it’s not just moan, moan, moan. Took a while but I’m lucky I finally got to the good news part at all!

  • Greatness! (I tried to type “great news” but autocorrect got it right)

    • KLM

      That autocorrect is a pip. (Also, apparently autocorrect does not recognize the word autocorrect as a legit spelling. Oh, well.)

      Thank you!

  • Happy for you, champion – happy for us, too, because we’ll get to read them :-)

    • KLM

      Thanks so much, Tez! Now if I can just get Amazon to change that pub date for me…. grrrr. All I know at the moment is Fall 2016, which right now seems like forever away!

  • I am very happy that you and your book have found a new home. And I hope your editor did, too! Very relieved for you!

    • KLM

      thank you, Dianne! My editor did find a new gig, although I’m sad I won’t be working with her anymore. But hey, the world of publishing is a crazy place. Maybe someday down the line, our paths shall cross again.

  • Jessica Kusku

    I have this rule. I never read books that are a part of a series until the entire series has been finished. When I investigated Tabula Rasa (which, incidentally, called to me because of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode with the same name; yes, I’m that kind of dork) I was happy to see it was not a part of a series. Then I read it. And upon finishing it, I was so angry it was not part of a series I actually called my husband to yell at him! (I don’t know why I thought it was his fault, but he’s used to it by now.) Imagine my range of emotions as I began stalking you through the internets to find that you were writing a sequel! But that your publisher closed!!! But then you found a new one!!!!!! Anyway, wonderful book! I will anxiously await the next book(s)… which is why I have that rule for myself in the first place. I am not good at waiting…

    • KLM

      Jessica, I totally understand the “I don’t read it until the whole series is done” thing. Just a couple nights ago I finished a book and I knew there was a sequel but I didn’t realize the story just ended right in the middle of a complete cliffhanger. I was all ragey about it. I want at least some teensy-weensy bit of closure, fer pete’s sake.

      And thank you for your kindly stalking! Now you know the whole deal and the happy ending.

      Also, I love that you shouted at your husband about all this. That’s what husbands are for sometimes. :)

  • How in bloody hell (auto-c corrected that to “black dry hell” hmm.. I like that) did I miss all of this?!!!!!! I have been feeling sorry for you for nine months that I didn’t have too! Yay! I am so happy for you I am twirling!

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