There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong with Living Under a Rock for a Year

Pill bugs do it all the time*!


My latest selfie!

But, OK, wow. I completely ghosted my own blog, didn’t I?

What a douche move!

I had to guess my user name and password to get back in, and thank God I’m so unimaginatively consistent or I’d still be outside the wall, hoping someone exited my blog and held the door open for me like I was some food delivery guy.

But, hey, look at this website renovation that’s gone on while I was away! Isn’t it lovely? It’s all thanks, once again, to the very talented elves** over at Atmosphere Websites. I told them, “I want whimsy, wisdom, and white space.” Voila! All I could’ve asked for and more!

So, I’m now returning to blogging, and next time I promise to tell you where I’ve been the last year in a long blathering post about my feelings.


Not really. Feeling-blathering is not my thing. I’m more … well, let’s just say that if Mr. Spock and Professor McGonagall had a child, it’d be me.






Kristen (“I’d Rather Not Talk About It”) Lippert-Martin


But I truly am renewing my blogging endeavors to take on all-manner of writing-related subjects.

I’ll see you again soon, friends!



*Here’s a fact sheet about the mighty pill bug. Make sure you read number 6. Good stuff!)

**Mike and Sierra at Atmosphere Websites are actual elves, and their studio is inside a hollow tree. That is literally true.

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