A Pat on the Head

Here’s a silly thing I do every once in a while: I “visit” my book online.


My daughter drew these wings for me. Here, have a set of your own. Happy to share them with you.

Just look it up and gaze at the cover and sort of say, “Hey, friend. How you doing today?”

I don’t read the reviews. (Oh, God, NO, I don’t do that.)

It’s just gratifying for me to see that book cover. To know that I wrote something, and it’s out in the world, off on its own.

Whenever I visit my book, I feel like I’m giving a little pat on the head to my former self who struggled so long, through so much rejection, to make that book a reality.

I tend to discount my own hard work. Tend to focus more on the outcome when deciding if something was successful or not. I know I’m not alone in that. We often hand over the power to make that sort of final judgment about the value of our efforts.

I’m not really sure what this blog post is about. My point-making skills are kind of rusty at the moment. I’m still trying to get back into a blogging groove, and I guess this is a baby step toward that end. A warm-up of doing the scales before the real performance.

I also think it’s a good thing to occasionally reaffirm to myself that a hard thing undertaken with determination, humility, and a desire to create something worthwhile is never a wasted effort.

Maybe that’ll help you, too, dear reader.

And if you feel a spark within you to fight the “Eh, who cares?” virus that infects us all from time to time, to keep writing despite your doubts, then just know that your future self is gently patting you on the head right now and saying, “I’m proud of you for having the strength to try to get better at something that’s so, so damn hard.”

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    Hey Kristen: You are definitely one of my favorite writers–I say that as one of the oldest Young Adults in the country. You are also in the top two of my favorite daughters in law and the only writer I know who has an airline named after her.

  • Oh, I definitely get visiting your books online and patting them on the head. We worked hard to get them there. We have earned the right to admire them.

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