I’m a mom of four, a practicing geek, a holder of many opinions (which I’m more than happy to share with you—really, just ask). I earned my MFA from Columbia University. My debut YA thriller, Tabula Rasa (EgmontUSA), is about a girl whose memory is forcibly stripped from her and so naturally she must kick everyone’s butt in retaliation. I live with my husband and merry band of misfits in Arlington, VA.



Here’s a two-part interview I did with my beatific agent, Molly Jaffa:

On Writing
  • Here’s my (writing) life story, more or less. Or if you prefer, in vlog format  (Also available in 8-track tape*)
  • The Sum Total of My Writing Wisdom on Querying
  • The Story of My Book Deal
  • On Bouncing Back After Rejection. (Just watch the movie clip at the end over and over and over again until you feel better.)
Wild Cards

Wow. I’ll bet you’re good and sick of me now after all this, huh?

*not really. But wouldn’t it be cool if I had one?

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