The YA Scavenger Hunt is back!



**The YASH has now ended! Thanks to everyone who played and who also entered my giveaway. Stay tuned for winners announcement!** Greetings, Scavengers!

It’s time for the bi-annual YA Scavenger Hunt!

By now, if you’re hot on the trail for clues, you know the basic premise of the game. If you’re confused at […]

A Pat on the Head

Here’s a silly thing I do every once in a while: I “visit” my book online.

My daughter drew these wings for me. Here, have a set of your own. Happy to share them with you.

Just look it up and gaze at the cover and sort of say, “Hey, friend. How you doing […]

There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong with Living Under a Rock for a Year

Pill bugs do it all the time*!

My latest selfie!

But, OK, wow. I completely ghosted my own blog, didn’t I?

What a douche move!

I had to guess my user name and password to get back in, and thank God I’m so unimaginatively consistent or I’d still be outside the wall, hoping someone […]

Cover Reveal and Giveaway for INCOGNITA!

Imma just redirect you over to YA Books Central because you should enter the giveaway for a copy of the advanced reader copy (ARC) for the sequel to TABULA RASA.

It’s called INCOGNITA, and here’s what you need to know about it:

It’s set in New York City.

It kicks booty.

I think it might […]

Happy Bookish News!


Let’s just pretend that I haven’t ignored my blog for the last four months and carry on, shall we?

I have an announcement!

And, OK, it actually does have something to do with my long absence from the blogging airwaves (which we just agreed not to discuss).

Long story short, my publisher went out […]

2015: Come at Me, Bro

I begin 2015 as I ended 2014: writing on deadline.

The sequel to TABULA RASA is due soon. Painfully, anxiety-inducingly soon.

*averts eyes from calendar*

I’ve been working very hard on that, but I’m going to take a break, and in celebration of the new year, tell you a story about my insane, cycling […]

The Posh, Continental Life of My Book

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this awesome set of pictures done by the brilliant, Sierra Godfrey, Writer and Designer to the Stars™.

Here they are compiled for the first time, sort of like a “Best of” album, but one that doesn’t seem like a cash-grab or make you queasy for […]

Hordes of YA Authors Roaming Local Bookstores at Night!

I know some authors find doing public events intimidating or even overwhelming. Let’s face it, when you spend so much time alone writing, with only your stapler for a companion, you get a little rusty with ye olde social skills.

Fortunately, I am both an extrovert and a goofball, so I luurrrve doing events like […]

I Thought I Was Prepared But, Nope, I Wasn’t






What black magic and dark sorcery hath brought this about?

Seriously, guys, I’m only now—two months later—starting to recover from my debut.

All I can say about these last two months is WHOA. I thought I was prepared, but nope, I was not. A thousand nopes to my puny, […]

At Last, At Last! TABULA RASA is out today!

Heavens, I’ve been writing so many posts for other blogs, I almost forgot about my own!

Today is the day, at long last, when my debut YA thriller hits shelves. I mean bookstore shelves. It hit my shelves about six weeks ago.

See this? Rather paranoia-inducing, isn’t it? But in the best possible way, of […]

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