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A fascinating thriller that really wrings you out. Tabula Rasa is tense, intense, and future tense, all in one.

— Michael Grant, New York Times Bestselling author of the GONE series
Snap-the-whip suspense and sparks of humor kept me turning pages like a maniac.

— Blythe Woolston, winner of the William C. Morris Award for THE FREAK OBSERVER and author of CATCH & RELEASE and BLACK HELICOPTERS
[T]his is a very entertaining game for thriller fans…. Both Sarah and Pierce are layered and appealing characters who don’t get too caught up in their own drama — the mayhem around them is excitement enough.

— Publishers Weekly
Non-stop action makes this a tempting, fast read for teens. A mixture of James Bond and Alex Rider, the bad guys are truly despicable and all the plot elements conveniently intertwine to tie up neatly at the end. Sarah and Thomas make a memorable and endearing couple, finding romance in the midst of destruction and death…. With a plot that reads like a movie script, even reluctant readers will be sucked in. This is a great thriller.

– VOYA Magazine
This never skips a beat of action or suspense, and … pulses with vivid, original details, engrossing readers and leaving them begging for a sequel.

— Booklist
Mysteries stack upon mysteries in this gripping, multifaceted thriller, but readers who can keep up with the lightning-fast pace will be rewarded when the puzzle pieces begin to click together. Sarah’s memories return through artful flashbacks that add an intriguing political context to an otherwise action-heavy story, but even without a personal history, Sarah is an impressively fierce heroine with personality to spare. A page-turning adventure that will leave readers hoping for a sequel.

— The Horn Book

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